Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency

Dental Emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. At Ringmer Dental we provide emergency appointments to existing and new patients. In most cases we will aim to see you on the same day depending on availability.

If you require an emergency appointment please call us as soon as possible as our emergency slots can get taken up quite quickly.

Please note the difference between an Emergency appointment and an Urgent appointment before calling us.

What constitutes an Emergency?

Emergency Appointments are for patients who are in severe pain and will be seen on the day provided we have appointments available at the time of your call.

  • In pain and getting no relief from using pain killers.

  • Pain keeping you up at night, causing swelling or temperature.

  • Trauma to the face resulting with broken teeth.

The following are usually classed as Urgent Appointments and not regarded as an emergency hence you can be seen in a couple of days and normally will be booked with your usual dentist.

  • Broken filling with little sensitivity.

  • Loose or lost crown.

  • Broken dentures.