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4 of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments

4 of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments

Having great looking teeth isn’t just about flashing a celebrity smile – feeling good about your teeth can improve your confidence dramatically in both personal and professional situations, helping you to be more happy and more successful. In this blog, we look at some of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments that won’t break the bank.

Cosmetic dentistry – what is it?

Cosmetic dentistry uses various techniques to make your teeth look better. It can involve specialist cleaning techniques that leave your teeth looking brighter and whiter or use various procedures to improve the appearance of missing, broken, or damaged teeth.

  1. Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningThe natural colour of our teeth varies greatly from person to person. Tea, coffee, and red wine are all known to cause staining when consumed on a regular basis, as is smoking tobacco. Whether you are simply unhappy with the colour of your teeth in general or wish to get them looking superb for a special occasion such as a family wedding or an interview for your dream job, professional teeth whitening is a great investment. Getting your teeth whitened by a dentist is much more effective than using a home whitening kit and is also by far the safer option.

Teeth whitening is often one of the first cosmetic dental treatments chosen simply because it delivers almost instant results, is very effective and has a low cost. Of course, while teeth whitening will improve the look of your teeth it won’t address any other dental problems.

  1. Veneers

For those with damaged, worn, chipped or broken teeth, dental veneers provide a simple way to cover your tooth’s surface and restore your smile to its former glory. Veneers are very similar to false nails, except that they last much longer and are usually completely invisible. A custom-made wafer-thin layer of porcelain is applied to the front of the tooth to restore its natural shape. The veneer is coloured to be as close as possible to your natural teeth, so nobody except you will ever need to know.

  1. Crowns

CrownsWhile veneers sit on the front of the teeth, crowns cover the whole surface of the tooth helping to restore it to its original size. Crowns can be used to cover damaged or weakened teeth that can’t be fixed with a filling. One of the advantages of a crown, compared with veneers, is that they offer a structural solution. They can be made from ceramics such as porcelain as well as metals or a combination of both of these substances. Porcelain crowns are the most common types of crown, as they can be indistinguishable from your normal teeth.

  1. Dental implants

Dental implantsA dental implant is a replacement root made out of titanium, which has the unique ability to bond with the bone to give you the firmest possible mount for replacement teeth. Dental implants can be used to support anything from a single crown or bridge to a complete new set of teeth.

Once the work is complete, you will have a smile that looks and feels as good as new and lasts for many years. Here at Ringmer Dental, we have over 30 years’ experience in providing top quality cosmetic dentistry and the very best in dental care. To find out how we can help you restore your smile now, give our friendly team a call on 01273 813898.