2nd June 2018

Top tips to save money on your dental treatment

We all want to ensure that our smile stay’s looking healthy, without having to spend large sums of money. Here at Ringmer Dental we have 5 top tips to help you save money on your dental treatment. 1. Maintain good...Continued


7th May 2018

National Smile Month

A simple smile can be a very powerful tool. Smiling is truly universal, unlike other physical actions such as body language, or verbal communication, which differs from culture to culture. We all understand a smile and the feelings behind it....Continued


9th April 2018

Options to replace a missing tooth

It happens to most people at some point, although most of us hope that it will be many years down the line! What do you do when the dentist tells you that your tooth cannot be restored and needs to...Continued


5th March 2018

5 Benefits of Invisalign

Are you considering teeth straightening to improve your smile in 2018? Still unsure if Invisalign is for you? Over 5 million people have now transformed their smile with Invisalign’s virtually invisible aligners, will you be next? Here at Ringmer Dental,...Continued


5th February 2018

Ensure you are kiss ready this Valentine’s

Valentine’s day is almost here so now is a great time to spend an extra few minutes looking after your oral health. A healthy smile is the key to a great Valentine’s day date ensuring that you have the confidence...Continued


6th January 2018

New Year, New Smile

Looking for the best ways to improve the appearance of your smile, ensuring it looks bright and white? The team at Ringmer Dental have 5 top tips so you can be sure that your smile always looks great. Whereas a...Continued


8th December 2017

Emergency treatment over the festive period

If you attend for your regular dental appointments, the chance of developing a dental emergency should be rare, but should you have a problem the team at Ringmer Dental have some useful advice and guidance on what you can do....Continued


4th November 2017

Mouth Cancer Action Month

Ringmer Dental is proud to be supporting this year’s Mouth Cancer Action Month. Which aims to raise awareness of mouth cancer and save thousands of lives through early detection and prevention. With early detection there is a 90% chance of...Continued


9th October 2017

Make this the year you quit for good

Over a million people have now used Stoptober to help them quit smoking for good. In this blog, we look at some of the less known side effects of smoking on your oral health. Most people know that smoking is...Continued


11th September 2017

Teeth straightening in Lewes & Ringmer – all your questions answered

Are you still trying to decide if teeth straightening is right for you? Here at Ringmer Dental we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions about teeth straightening to help give you a starting point for your...Continued