Digital Dentistry



It is an exciting time for dentists and patients thanks to the advances in technology being used in dental practices. From digital impressions, digital 2D and 3D radiographs, digital planning to 3D printing; digital dentistry means that dentists are able to provide a higher level of service than ever before.

New iTero Scanner!

Ringmer Dental is proud to announce that we have invested in a state-of-the-art digital scanner. This means that we are able to take a 3D scan of your teeth and store them on file for reference, monitoring or even as part of a new smile makeover. The scan takes just a couple of minutes and all you will hear is a gentle clicking noise as the scanner takes thousands of images of your teeth.

We can use the scanner to begin your Invisalign journey. This means that you can see what your teeth would look like after teeth straightening within minutes. No more messy impressions or moulds of your teeth.

We can also use the iTero scanner to monitor important dental issues such as tooth wear, receding gums and even fillings. We can even use the scanner when we make your crowns or veneers.

Investments in digital dentistry techniques at Ringmer Dental

Alongside our new scanner we also use the latest in:

  • Digital radiographs

The radiographs are instant and  better quality. They allow for immediate feedback at your appointment. The digital radiographs also offer much lower doses of radiation.

  • Digital impressions (3D intraoral scanning)

Digital impressions use a small camera to take a series of photos that capture a replica of your mouth. This is instead of the traditional methods of putty or alginate impressions, which means that there is no gagging and your impression is far more accurate.

The digital scan allows precise planning and, thanks to communication with laboratory technicians, the tooth design is shared with you. It is also an environmentally friendly method and far more hygienic.

  • Digital Smile Design® and orthodontic planning

Using your digital impression, your orthodontic results can be simulated with 3D images so that you have a visual picture of what can be achieved – before committing to treatment! This is offered for free during your consultation.

We can also use your facial photo and design the dream smile that you have always wanted, thanks to the latest in the digital software. It can even replicate the teeth that you want or that you once had. The desired teeth can be scanned and copied into your new smile design.

All this helps to ensure that you receive the highest possible standard of care whenever you attend for an appointment at Ringmer Dental.