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How should I check for signs of mouth cancer?


By spotting mouth cancer early, we have a much better chance of beating it. With early diagnosis, the chances of surviving mouth cancer are nine out of ten and that is why it is so important to perform regular checks in between your dental appointments. Take the time to perform a self-check for mouth cancer every month.

Sadly, far too many mouth cancers are not spotted early enough. The ten-year survival rate is between 18% and 57%, depending on where the cancer strikes and how early it is diagnosed. New cases of mouth cancer in the UK reached 8,772 last year. This has increased by 58% in the last decade and by 97% compared with 20 years’ ago.

During Mouth Cancer Action Month, the team at Ringmer Dental are helping to promote the message ‘if in doubt, get checked out’.  We encourage everybody to be Mouth aware and pay close attention to what’s going on inside the mouth.


2021_11_03_blog_image_002This simple check only takes 45 seconds, but it could save your life.

  1. Look at your face and feel for any unusual lumps around your head and neck
  2. Check your tongue for any unusual red or white patches, lumps or ulcers. Make sure you check both sides and underneath.
  3. Run your finger along the inside of your cheeks to check for any lumps or bumps. Again, can you see any unusual red or white patches.
  4. Check the roof of your mouth but titling your head back slightly. Run your finger along the roof of your mouth and check for any lumps and swellings.
  5. Finally, check your lips, simply use your thumb and index fingers to pull down your lip and check for any red or white patches or lumps. Do this for both your top and bottom lip.

Routine Dental Appointment

2021_11_03_blog_image_003Even though you may be conducting frequent self-exams, it is still important for you to attend for regular routine dental appointments as often as your dentist recommends. Sometimes dangerous spots or sores in the mouth can be very tiny and difficult to see on your own and the earlier any oral cancer is detected the better the chance of successful treatment.

Mouth cancer can affect anybody, and it is important that we all know what to look out for. If you notice any changes in your mouth, please call Ringmer Dental on 01273 813898 to book a consultation.