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Time to Consider Dental Implants?

Dental Implants

Have you recently lost a tooth? Are you struggling to eat? Do you hide when anyone has a camera?

Dental implants offer a number of benefits that other tooth replacement options, such as dentures and bridges, just cannot offer.

In this month’s blog we look at the main benefits of using dental implants to replace your missing tooth.

  1. Prevents bone loss

When you lose teeth, you also lose bone mass in your jaw. Your jawbone needs the stimulations it gets when your teeth connect to maintain its mass. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that replaces the jaw bone stimulation, helping to prevent bone loss.

  1. Blends with your natural teeth

Dental ImplantsDental implants can be closely matched to the colour of your surrounding teeth and will perfectly fit the gap where the tooth once was. No one will know which teeth are dental implants except you and the dentist.

  1. Restores bite force

Dental implants are anchored into your jaw, and they allow you to bite with more or less the same amount of force you could use with your natural teeth.

  1. Maintains your face shape

Your teeth support your facial structure. Dental implants provide similar support for your face as your natural teeth, preventing it from changing shape.

  1. Enables clearer speech

Dental implants feel and function just like natural teeth, enabling you to speak easily and naturally.

  1. No more cavities

Dental ImplantsDental implants need to be cared for to prevent bacteria from building up in your mouth and causing infections, but the material dental implants are made of can’t decay. You will never have to worry about cavities again!

  1. Easy to care for

Taking care of dental implants is easy! Just brush and floss like you normally would.

  1. No Slippage

Dental implants are firmly anchored in place and will never embarrass you.

  1. A permanent solution

Dental implants are designed to last for at least 10 years and can last a lifetime.

Dental ImplantsIf you’re in need of a tooth replacement option, you should definitely consider dental implants. To find out if you’re a good candidate for dental implants, schedule a consultation. Here at Ringmer Dental, we have over 30 years’ experience in providing top quality cosmetic dentistry and the very best in dental care. To find out how we can help you restore your smile now, give our friendly team a call on 01273 813898.